Summer 3D printing services

Summer 3D printing services

Posted by Richard Joseph

Hello hello hello! I'm excited to announce that 3d printing services will begin come Summer 2022. Items will be 3d printed with resin, meaning higher quality and more detailed prints as opposed to basic filament printing. We will be accepting STL files to 3d print, but pricing varies upon size, materials used, time to print, and costs to ship. You will be able to order pre-made 3d printed items as well! I am more than excited to add this feature to my shop, and I hope people enjoy the 3d printing concepts and uses. Order capacities will be limited, as these items will take time to create and perfect. I would estimate a turn around time of 72 hours to ship for a basic print... That is my goal for 3d print orders. As time goes on, I should be able to cut down turn around times. Get the files you dreamed of, and we will be able to help create it. 

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