Super Mario refrigerator magnet 3D

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Thank you for your interest in our Super Mario magnets 3d . All items are shipped within 24 hours, and are brand new in factory OEM packaging. Enjoy this 12 piece magnet set and double up for discounts to save on decorating your refrigerator, class board, or just playing to have fun!

This Super Mario Magnet 3D 12 piece pack includes: 

- 1x Mario Magnet

- 1x Luigi Magnet

- 1x Rainbow Cloud Magnet

- 1x Happy Cloud Magnet

- 1x 1up Mushroom Magnet

- 1x Red mushroom Magnet

- 1x Goomba Magnet 

- 1x Buzzy Beetle (blue shell ) Magnet

- 1x Bullet Magnet

- 1x Brown Block Magnet

- 1x Question Block Magnet

- 1x Warp Pipe Magnet 

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