Naruto Mini Figure 12 Piece Set Wave 2

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Thank you for checking out our Naruto 12 piece WM  block figures! Compatible with all Lego toys,  and are shipped out from the USA either the same day or 24 hours from order receipt. This 12 piece custom Naruto Lego style building block set includes:

- 1x Tsunade + Chakara Aura for her hands
-1x - jiraiya + Ninja Scroll
-1x Orochimaru + Ninja Scroll + Sword
-1x  2nd hokage + shuriken + scroll
-1x- 1st hokage + kunai + scroll
-1x 4th hokage + Detachable Hokage Cloak + Teleportation Kunai
-1x Kakashi kage + Hokage Cloak + Lightning blade + Kunai
-1x Madara + Fan + Sytche
- 1x Killer bee + Samehada
- 1x Kabuto + Reanimation Ninja scroll + Kunai
- 1x Sasuke + Hebi Outfit + Kunai +  Massive Shuriken 
- 1x Gai Sensei + Chakra Aura Hands


Each figure stands at just about 2 inches and comes with detachable accessories. certain figures have other detachable items as well. This set is compatible with other Lego figures. Great items for collectors and anime fans alike! Join our mailing list for more updates on upcoming releases, discounts,  and more. 


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