Prophetic Dance

Prophetic dance is a ritual dance in which the purpose is to obtain a communication from or to God (gods) spirits in order to receive a favorable response (rain and good harvests, for example). Is also present in modern Christian culture, in which the term is fixed.


Christian faith[edit]

"Prophetic Dance" and or movements in the church can be classified in two distinct forms. The first type most commonly used in conjunction with pageantry, presentation and performance primarily. Flags, banners, and processionals which are just a few ways to be used to minister to God. This type of ministry can have profoundly prophetic overtones but is still geared primarily for the benefit of God. The second avenue in which prophetic dance or movement can be used is whereby the vehicle/person being used becomes the minister to and for the benefit of the people. Believers feel that dancing or any movement inspired by God can and will become His voice at that moment. They further subscribe to the belief that an experienced person not meaning in dance vocabulary but relationally with God can use this medium to heal, deliver and set people free from all types of sickness and disease. The Prophetic arts is described as God using our gifts and talents to reveal His heart.

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