Cursed Satan Beyblade B-164 Super King USA SELLER!

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Cursed Satan Beyblade B-164 Super King - USA SELLER! ENJOY FAST AND FREE SHIPPING! Items are shipped usps first class and are shipped same day or in 24 hours after order is received.   
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Beyblade Burst GT B-164 Cursed Satan
Great Beyblade for collectors!
Individual Beyblade.  No launcher.  No ripcord.
(All Burst Beyblades are compatible with all Burst launchers so if you have any launchers from previous purchases they will work with this.)
What's Inside:
  • Chip 
  • Layer Weight
  • Layer Base
  • Forge Disc 
  • Performance tip 
  • Sticker Set
*Shipping is free to anywhere in the United States!!
(Compatible with all other Beyblade brands)
Cursed Satan beyblade
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